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Bill Clinton Timeline

Bill Clinton timeline part one of three from 1946 to February 1992 at Timeline Help. He was the 42nd president of the United States. who was one of the most popular American presidents of the 20th. All historical facts of the popular president and the events that almost lead to his impeachment are written down in my Bill Clinton timeline.



– 1946 May 17

 1946 August 19







– 1968




– 1973 – 1974

– 1975


 1977 – 1979


 1979 – 1981

 1980 February 27


– 1982

 1983 – 1992

 1986 -1987



 1990 – 1991

 1991 October 2

 1992 January

– 1992 February 18

 1992 February 6


Father William Jefferson Blythe, Jr. dies.

Bill Clinton is born as William Jefferson Blythe III in Hope, Arkansas.

Mother Virginia marries Roger Clinton.

Half-brother Roger Cassidy Clinton, Jr. is born.

Bill took the surname of his step-father legally.

Meets President John F. Kennedy as senator of the American Legion Boy’s Nation.

Works as intern for Senator J. William Fulbright of Arkansas.

Clinton graduates the Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. and becomes Bachelor of Science in Foreign Service.

Reveives a Rhodes Scholarship to University College, Oxford.

Organizes a Moratorium event at Oxford during the Vietnam War protests.

Leader of the Presidential Campaign in Texas of Democratic nominee George Stanley McGovern.

Graduates from Yale Law School and obtains the degree of Juris Doctor. Becomes law professor at the University of Arkansas.

Runs for the U.S. United States House of Representatives, defeated by John Paul Hammerschmidt. The first time in the Bill Clinton timeline that he runs for office.

Marries Hillary Rodham.

Elected Attorney General of Arkansas.

Attorney General of Arkansas.

Elected Governor of Arkansas.

Governor of Arkansas.

Daughter Chelsea Victoria Clinton is born.

Lost the Democratic gubernatorial primary and the general election for the Arkansas governorship. Works for the Wright, Lindsey, and Jennings law firm.

Re-elected as Governor of Arkansas.

Governor of Arkansas.

Chairman of the National Governors Association.

Clinton decides to remain as Arkansas governor.

Gives the opening night address at the Democratic National Convention.

Chairman of the Democratic Leadership Council.

Bill Clinton that he will run for president.

Tabloids report that long-time acquaintance Gennifer Flowers reveals an extramarital relationship. Flowers give a press conference. Bill and Hillary deny all allegations in CBS News 60 Minutes.

Second in the New Hampshire primary, Bill calls himself The Comeback Kid.

Wall Street Journal writes that Clinton used the system to avoid the Vietnam War draft.

1992 March 16

– 1992 July 16

– 1992 November 3

 1993 January 20

 1993 – 2001

 1993 January 21

 1993 January 25

 1993 January 29

 1993 February 17

 1993 May

– 1993 June 26

 1993 July 20

 1993 August 10

 1993 September 13

– 1993 September 22 – 26

 1993 October 3

– 1993 October 7

 1993 November 3

 1993 December 8

 1994 January 6

 1994 January 12

 1994 May 6

 1994 June 14

 1994 June 25

– 1993 July 26

 1994 August 5

 1994 September 19

 1994 November 8

 1995 April 19

 1995 November 4

 1995 November 14

 1995 November 27

Hillary Rodham Clinton makes a controversial statement – don’t want to sit at home and baking cookies – after she is asked whether she profited from state business when she works for the Rose Law Firm.

Accepts the presidential nomination of the Democratic Party at the Democratic National Convention. The vice-presidential candidate is Al Gore.

Elected President of the United States of America, the first term in my Bill Clinton timeline 2.

William Jefferson Clinton is sworn in as the 42nd President of the United States.

President of the United States.

Withdraws the nomination of Zoe Baird for Attorney General.

Appoints Hillary as head of the health care reform task force.

Lifts the ban on gays in the military with don’t ask, don’t tellpolicy.

First State of the Union address about his economic reform plans.

The White House travel office team is sacked due to financial impropriety. David Gergen becomes Counselor to President Bill Clinton on domestic affairs and foreign policy.

Launches a missile attack at Baghdad to retaliate an Iraqi plot to assassinate Former President Bush.

Friend and Hillary’s legal advisor on Whitewater, Vince Foster commits suicide in Virginia.

Signs the Budget Deficit Reduction Bill.

Palestinian President Yasir Arafat and Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin sign the historic Oslo Peace Accords on the White House lawn. One of three major peace deals in my Bill Clinton timeline 2.

Presents his health care reform plans. Congress does not agree.

18 U.S. soldiers are killed in Somalia. The video shows Americans being dragged through the streets of Mogadishu.

Orders reinforcement troops to Somalia, after the shocking event on October 3 in Bill Clinton timeline 2.

Signs the Brady Bill.

Signs the North Atlantic Free Trade Agreement, which shapes the World Trade Organization.

Mother Virginia Dell Cassidy dies.

Independent Counsel Robert Fiske investigates the Whitewater case.

The Paula Jones sexual harassment lawsuit.

Presents his welfare plans.

Israeli Prime Minster Rabin and King Hussein of Jordan sign for the Washington Declaration, initiated by President Bill Clinton.

U.S. Congress starts hearings about the Whitewater affair.

Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr takes over the Whitewater investigation.

Sends army forces into Haiti to help President Jean-Bertrand Aristide and to restore democracy.

Republicans take over the House of Representatives.

The Oklahoma City bombing.

Attends funeral of assassinated Yitzak Rabin.

Vetoes budget proposal by House leaders.

Sends troops to Bosnia to power the Dayton Agreement for peace in Bosnia and Herzegovin

1996 January 23

 1996 January 26

 1996 May 28

– 1996 August 22

– 1996 August 29

– 1996 September 3

 1996 November 5

 1997 January 20

 1997 May 27

 1997 July – August

 1997 June 20 – 22

 1998 January 20

– 1998 January 27

– 1998 March

 1998 April

 1998 April 10

– 1998 August 7

 1998 August 17

– 1998 September – October

 1998 October 8

 1998 October 23

– 1998 November

 1998 November – December

 1998 December 16

– 1998 December 19

 1999 January – February

– 1999 January 19

 2000 February

 2000 July 11

 2000 September 20

 2000 October 12

 2000 November 7

 2000 November 16


State of the Union Address.

Grand jury talks with Hillary about Whitewater and the travel office affairs.

Clinton’s business partners Jim Guy Tucker and Jim and Susan McDougal are convicted of fraud in the Whitewater case.

President Clinton signs the Welfare Reform Act or 1996 Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act.

Accepts nomination for re-election in this timeline of Bill Clinton at the Democratic National Convention in Chicago, Illinois.

Launches a missile attack against Saddam Hussein because of his oppression of the Irbil Kurds.

Re-elected as President of the United States of America.

Sworn in for second term as president.

Supreme Court approves lawsuit of Paula Jones against the President.

Agreement on a balanced federal budget in five years with Congress.

Chair of the Group of Eight also known as the G8 in Denver Colorado.

President denies he had an affair with Monica Lewinsky: I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Miss Lewinsky. This history event will continue till the end of my timeline of Bill Clinton.

Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr investigates the Lewinsky allegations. State of the Union on a budget surplus.

Former Clinton aide Kathleen Willey accuses the President pf making sexual advances back in 1993.

Dismissal of the Paula Jones sexual harassment lawsuit by a federal judge in Arkansas.

Catholic and Protestant leaders in Northern Ireland sign the Good Friday Peace Accords initiated by Clinton.

The U.S. Kenyan and Tanzanian embassies are bombed by terrorists.

Testifies to the grand jury in the Lewinsky case. Addresses the nation and states he had a not appropriate relationship with Lewinsky.

Grand jury testimony video and the Starr Report are made public.

Impeachment inquiry is approved by the House.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Palestinian President Yasir Arafat sign the Wye River Peace Agreement, initiated by Bill Clinton, one of the many peace deals in the timeline of Bill Clinton.

Paula Jones lawsuit is settled financially.

The House Judiciary Committee impeachment hearings. The committee approves four the articles of impeachment.

Operation Desert Fox bomb attack against Saddam Hussein after his refusal to allow entry to weapons inspectors of the U.N.

The House of Representatives passes two articles of impeachment.

The Senate trial of President Clinton. The Senate states Clinton is not guilty of the impeachment charges.

State of the Union Address.

Hillary announces her candidacy for New York Senate.

Hosts a Camp David Middle East summit.

Whitewater investigation of timeline of Bill Clinton part one is closed, there is no sufficient evidence.

The U.S.S. Cole is bombed off the coast of Yemen.

Hillary wins a New York Senate seat on Election Day.

Clinton visits Vietnam.

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