Money Order timeline – The Complete Story

I am attempting to complete a piece in the Rifle and Pistol to get CTKA however the Money Order evaluation has taken me in to a place I had never known about earlier… By placing the famous info regarding the look for the Money Order to some deadline from a handful of sources. I have come to discover there’s evidence for it being located in the Kansas City AND Alexandria, VA.

Below is a overlay of WCD87 p89 along with CE1799. I’m in the process of unraveling the report conflicts now… Suffice to say, with the understanding that the Proof IS that the Conspiracy, the “creation” of this Money order in the Postal Records Center in Alexandria It seems as if SSSA Griffiths in CHICAGO, while talking to SSSA Stewart at DALLAS in 7:55pm 11/23, tells him that SSSA Kroz at KANSAS CITY is hoping to determine exactly the status of the PMO at KC.

During the conversation with Stewart in DALLAS, Griffiths at CHICAGO learns that the PMO has been recovered from Postal Inspectors. Whether he had been told by Stewart isn’t clear since that would require Stewart in Dallas to find out about finding the PMO from DC? Within another paragraph, SSSA Kroz at KC is known as told that the PMO has been “recovered” and forwarded to SS Asst Chief PATERNI at DC. And that if the original IS unavailable, that photostats be accessed. What follows this request is Geiglein calling Postal Inspector Josephs Verant in DC, providing Verant the PMO detailed info (which I Must say out loud looks as if that advice is all that’s Required to create a PMO) Unbelievably, on the SATURDAY AFTERNOON, Verant can get hold of a Post Office Dept staff Finance Officer who subsequently opens the door to a new group of individuals such as Donald Duggin, Deputy Chief Postal Insp Service in DC, who Finance officer asserts contacted him in an hour earlier about precisely the identical subject.

I’d rather not give away the entire procedure and enable the essay to offer context. The timeline will be contained in the essay… Suffice to say, it certainly seems to me as if the individual who ultimately provides the PMO to the Secret Service made it that evening based on the info given by PATERNI. I hope to be like the Pistol Evidence Analysis along with this in exactly the exact same essay. . DJ

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